Three Easy Exercises for Women to Try

We could all be a little more active in our daily life. These three different kinds of exercise need no equipment and can be done in as little as 15 minutes. Give them a try and see what works for you! Always consult with your doctor to see if a certain kind of exercise is right for you and your body.  

#1 Walking  

Most of us take walking for granted, because it’s the most popular way we get around! For those of us with a more sedentary life, taking a walk can be a way to get more exercise as well. Take a stroll around the block or in your local park and see if you could might like walking for exercise. It’s a great way to engage with the community and get healthier, too.  

#2 Strength Training  

Our muscles are how we move, how we balance, and an important part of our bodies. Keeping them fit and strong is fundamental to having a healthy body, but a lot of women can find themselves intimidated by the weight racks at the gym. However, now is the time to cast that insecurity aside and do your self and your body some good. There are many gyms that offer female training hours, and tons of online resources to help you find a training course right for you. Don’t think you need to be an athlete to be strong and fit. 

 Strength training, like anything else, can pose a danger if you’re not familiar with the right way to do different exercises. If you’re new to strength training, or haven’t picked up the free weights in a long time, take some time to learn proper techniques. You could also invest in a class or a personal trainer. Remember, all of the different exercises you see can be preformed without weights, so you can practice at home with no equipmetn!   

#3 Yoga  

Yoga is a fun and inexpensive way to promote health and mindfulness in your life. Few materials are needed, just your body, a clean space on the floor, and a few minutes of relative peace and calm. You don’t even need membership to a fancy gym or studio. If you find yourself with a handful of free time, look up yoga videos online. There are many certified trainers that can will lead you through different poses so that you can practice and get better. Challenge yourself to spend 15 minutes a day and soon the poses that you struggled with in the beginning will become easy.