Female Resources to Stop Smoking

The decision to stop smoking is both very difficult and very personal for many women. Most everyone is familiar with the health risks that accompany lighting up a cigarette, but few know the immediate benefits of quitting. When you decide to stop smoking, you’re already taking the first step towards a healthier mind and body. Here is some information for any woman who would like to break the habit of smoking.  

When you decide to stop smoking, healthy improvements can begin in as quickly as 20 minutes! Many changes will happen when you decide to stop smoking. Some you will be able to see over time, like glowing skin and whiter teeth, but others will be internal or mental. You’ve probably heard it said that women can find it harder to quit smoking than men. To help you stop smoking, here is a list of resources that will be especially helpful for women who would like to give up cigarettes.  

These are what the experts say might make it difficult for women to stop smoking. It can be a good idea to familiarize yourself with these in order to make a plan that is right for you.  

  1. Many women worry they will be missing out on social time if they give up cigarettes. Smoking is often social, and while cigarettes can be hard to give up, no one wants to miss out on time with friends. When you decide to give up smoking, make time to be with friends in a non-smoking environment, and maintain your social circle.  
  2. Gaining weight is another concern that women often have. Smoking can sometime ease the effects on anxiety or stress, and some people turn to food as a way to combat stress when the option to smoke is gone. When you decide to quit smoking, be mindful of the ways you handle your stress in the future. It can be easy to grab a snack to quickly feel better, so try to have healthy snacks on hand or use methods like meditation and exercise. 
  3. A major deterrent that women might feel is the possibility of starting back up with cigarettes after you’ve already made efforts to quit. This can and does happen, and it doesn’t mean you are a failure. Quitting smoking is very hard, but it is never too late to try again. The benefits you feel can be re-achieved! 

Online Resources for Women to Quit Smoking 

For a full list of health benefits check out this website run by the United States Government.   
It can be difficult to quit smoking. For a list of helpful tips to try out, check out WebMD. These tips are especially for women, so you can create a strategy for yourself that can help!  
If you’re interested in hearing directly from other women who have stopped smoking, then check out this interview, or try speaking someone you’re close to who has made the same decision.