How to Begin an Exercise Habit

Lots of women plan to get to the gym, but get so caught up in trying to plan the perfect workout that they never end up lacing up their shoes and working up a sweat! Naturally, you don’t want to waste your time or even hurt yourself by not being informed. Don’t let this be a cause of unneeded stress! These are valid concerns, but there are ways to get active without getting anxious. trying to find the perfect routine, the perfect number of sets and reps, and the perfect active wardrobe will only end up becoming too daunting that you stay at home on the couch. If you’ve been in that mindset before, you’re in good company!  

Start Small  

Like clockwork, every year as soon as the holiday decorations are removed from the store, in come the workout gear. If you like to dress up and look the part for your new active life, you’re in good company, and advertisers know this! When you decide to hit the gym, odds are you already have a tee shirt and sweatpants on hand at home, and you don’t need to shell out a lot of money for new gear. Instead, set a goal for yourself or join a challenge group on Facebook. Let your reward fro reaching the goal be those sleek new leggings or the high tech sports bra.  

Set realistic expectations of yourself.  

If you are more sedentary, it’s OK if you can’t make time or aren’t willing to spend all of your down time at the gym. What’s important is to recognize that there are other things you can do. Maybe you walk to work or ride your bike on day of the week. Maybe you do a fifteen minute workout at home before dinner. Don’t buy into the idea that a small effort is a wasted effort. Just do what you can as reliably as you can!  

Have something to Work towards  

When you start to work out, it can seem like you’re moving but you’re not sure where. Lots of people workout with a goal weight in mind, and for some reasons this is an easy goal because you can quantify the work you’ve been doing with the weight dropping on the scale. However, this isn’t the only or the most noble goal. Maybe you want to feel more energetic, or sleep better. Maybe you want stronger muscles or longer endurance. Whatever your goal is, create milestones for yourself, and celebrate when you make that progress!  

Here are a few quick ways to get started.  

Watch a YouTube tutorial  

The fastest way to get started is to start! Find a video for a stretching routine or someone preforming light cardio and give it a try. You don’t have to be perfect, you just need to do something to get your body moving. next, Lots of personal trainers post helpful youtube videos online of their daily workouts. If you find yourself at the gym with no clue what to do Pick a trainer and give her workout a try! You don’t have to be on her level yet, and you shouldn’t push yourself to be wonder woman! Just start and see how you feel.  

Join a class  

Lots of community centers offer classes, and there are even libraries that have weekly yoga or zumba meetups. Finding low cost classes in your community is a great way to meet new people and engage with your town. A class also usually has a set number of sessions, so you are more inclined to go and get your money or time’s worth before the class ends. If it’s an activity you really enjoy, having it to look forward to throughout the week can be very uplifting and rewarding. Classes are also run by an experienced or certified person, so you can be sure they will help you put your health first and motivate you along with the rest of the class.  

As you get better at working your body, you’ll feel better but you’ll also learn more! Don’t put pressure on yourself to know how all of the muscles fit together, or what the best workout for your body type is. Usually, the best workout is ANY workout that you can preform regularly to feel great and stay in shape. What is your favorite way to exercise this season?